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    08 sep, 08
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    wow!! the motor is amazin!! is very nice

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    Gold Membership Avatar de MarkZ
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    25 jun, 04
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    fijense en las fechas bros...

    It doesn´t matter.

    It´s a nice ride, nice engine and looks good.

    It´s like a nissan b14 .

    And I practice my horrible grammar.

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    25 ene, 08
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    well its been a while, i was looking through my favourites, deleting all that were dead and i came across this place again.

    a lot has happened to the car since the last lot of pictures, after an attempted re-spray of some damage to the rear bumper, i had to move away from the all orange colour as it couldnt be matched.. this is the outcome

    its a standard colour here in the UK so if any damage occurs, its an easy fix.

    other changes since my last post include the theft of over £2000 of stereo equipment out of the car, including new MTX subwoofers and amps, nintendo WII, sony playstation, projector, 17" widescreen TV, dvd headunit... the lot, perils of not using the car for months and having a flat battery whilst you're out the country working.... so i'm currently getting together a smaller set-up and doing in a different direction to the AV show i used to have.

    engine wise, ive got a few things sat in the shed waiting to go on as soon as i get back to the UK for long enough to fit them and get the E-manage ultimate set up to take them into account.

    ive also got a completely standard Primera GT in green as my daily driver, i just cant keep away from them...lol (or was it the fact that theyre cheap as hell to buy ??)

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    25 sep, 06
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    I hadnt seen this post, wow nice ride i like the color scheme but specialy like the wheels...very nice... and yeah...it be nice if we had available somo of those nice rides u guys get overthere...u wana trade for a Tsuru III...lol

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