Nissan Primera.....

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15/02/2008, 11:57
I just explain that this forum is still virgin ... Jajajaja ... I play and I break it down to me .... jejejejeje ,.....:supz:

Hello ... Because here in Mexico as never sold the FIRST ... Thus not much of this car ... Could say to the members of this forum some specifications on this nissan? ? ? .... Engine that has suspencion rate, which has power ... Transmicion type ... Tension is back, front or integrated? ? .... Originally NA is already a turbo or ... There are variations on this engine cone in the case of SR20 ... That there is a version NA, TURBO tension ... for front and back ... ? ? .... Finally ... All the info that we could provide would be very good ... if they could put some pictures would be much better ...;)

nO prEssUrE
29/02/2008, 04:42
hahahahha once i get mine ill post some haahahahha LMAO

29/02/2008, 11:59
mmmm a dont know much about primera someone do?

13/03/2008, 17:09
what do you want to know about the Primera...maybe we can help...

Culero Connor
01/04/2008, 12:02
...the history behind it and all that kind of might be usefull....for the good of the forum...

01/04/2008, 15:40
ah ok....will gather up some information and post a proper informed thread rather than just what I can

06/04/2008, 11:26
check this out has some good information about the Primera...

Culero Connor
06/04/2008, 16:26
Nice link there...thank you!!

pedro jorge
24/07/2008, 13:04
very good link, super_mc go to the web site of you tube and put videos of tsuru gsr and looks that, see you

10/10/2008, 16:36
I've never heard about primera.....seems to be fussion between a sylvia and maxima 2 gen. Well that's my point of view.


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